Blessing of the Bikers

20 October 2018

This will be the first national annual event for Bikers and Bikerine in South Africa and hosted by Lady Bikers SA




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Rally In The Valley 2019

22nd till 24th February 2019

6th Annual Ladies only Rally!!

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International Female Ride Day

05 May 2018

Open and free event for all Ladies on motorcycles, hosted by Lady Bikers SA,


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So what's this all about?

Lady Bikers in South Africa is a growing phenomenon, and Lady Bikers SA is a Cape Town based organization which organizes and co-ordinates events for female bikers in South Africa. Until quite recently, motorcycling has been a male dominated sport/hobby in South Africa but the ladies are starting to make their voices heard.

From Soweto in Johannesburg to Llandudno in Cape Town, women are gracing the streets in leather jackets and biker boots on scoots, superbikes and super-cruisers. We aim to promote and encourage all ladies on all bikes to just ride!!

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