International Female Ride Day - 2014

Calling all lady riders: Just Ride!

By IOL Motoring Staff - April 30 2014 at 03:42pm
Cape Town (and a lot of other places around the world!) - This Saturday sees the eighth annual International Female Ride Day - the first to be held on a Saturday, since the first seven editions were all held on the first Friday of May.

What is now the world's largest synchronised women's ride was started in 2007 by Canadian rider Vicki Gray, founder of Toronto, Ontario-based women's motorcycling association Motoress, to highlight the enjoyment and camaraderie women riders share through motorcycling and motorsport.

Her stated aim was "connecting women with motorcycling" and, unlike most international rides, there was no fund-raising or charitable focus; as its slogan states, the idea was to 'Just ride'.

The idea spread like wildfire; the first ride day was celebrated all over Canada, the United States and several place in Europe, and it ha now spread worldwide to countries as far apart as Russia, Colombia and Pakistan.

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